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EpiDB is a platform for sharing processed NGS data useful as reference information and data reuse to link genotype to phenotype in domestic food animal species.

Started in 2014, the EpiDB has been undergoing active developments, which is aimed for a smart, interactive repository and platform for searching and analyzing domestic food animal epigenetic and gene expression data. The main idea of this web-based resource was to make functional next-generation sequencing (NGS) data for chicken, cattle, pig, horse, and sheep available as pre-processed and summarized genomic information to the scientific community, as well as to promote the re-use of existing data.

Functions already available are (legacy data):

  • Querying the meta data database to facilitate data re-use;
  • Downloads available for tissue specific, whole transcriptome expression baseline levels;
  • Access to a dynamic gene expression atlas;
  • Datasets for cattle, pig, chicken, sheep, and horse.
  • Add new data from cattle FAANG project;
  • Provide tissue-specific allele specific expression;
  • Provide full epigenetic expression levels, as miRNA and methylation;
  • Facilitate all livestock species;
  • Incorporate ChIPseq and regulation information;
  • Expand to additional species and data types.


Data counts in current EpiDB version

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Recent web tools developments


* All data use at the EpiDB follow the FAANG data sharing statement.
Iowa State University EpiDB Team, Koltes Lab