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EpiDB is a platform for sharing processed NGS data useful as reference information and data reuse to link genotype to phenotype in domestic food animal species.

Created in 2014, EpiDB is a smart, interactive repository and platform for searching and analyzing domestic food animal epigenetic and gene expression data. The main idea of this web-based resource was to make functional next-generation sequencing (NGS) data for chicken, cattle, pig, horse, and sheep available as pre-processed and summarized genomic information to the scientific community, as well as to promote the re-use of existing data.

Functions already available are (legacy data):

  • Querying the meta data database to facilitate data re-use;
  • Downloads available for tissue specific, whole transcriptome expression baseline levels;
  • Access to a dynamic gene expression atlas;
  • Datasets for cattle, pig, chicken, sheep, and horse.
  • Add new data from cattle FAANG project;
  • Provide tissue-specific allele specific expression;
  • Provide full epigenetic expression levels, as miRNA and methylation;
  • Facilitate all livestock species;
  • Incorporate ChIPseq and regulation information;
  • Expand to additional species and data types.


Data counts in current EpiDB version

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Recent web tools developments


* All data use at the EpiDB follow the FAANG data sharing statement.
Iowa State University EpiDB Team, Koltes Lab