( 2012 - 2021)

EpiDB Objective:

Provide gene and epigenetics expression data useful for dissecting quantitative trait data in livestock. Future work will provide

data tracks for these information sources and will ID tissue specific regulation information that is helpful in dissecting QTL.

Note: Only data that has tissue information and sequence generated by Illumina chemistry are being utilized.

Functions Currently Available:

1: Querying of the meta data database to facilitate data re-use.

2: Downloads available for tissue specific, whole transcriptome expression baseline levels (Cattle).

3: Access to a dynamic gene expression atlas.

Future Development:

4: Provide tissue-specific allele specific expression.

5: Provide full epigenetic expression levels (miRNA, methylation).

6: Facilitate all livestock species.

7: Incorporate ChIPseq and regulation information.

8: Expand to additional species and data types.

Video Tutorials:

Coming Soon!

EpiDB Version:

EpiDB-beta 1.0.0
Data Available:

Meta data and links to tissue and experiment level data.